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Mahogany Shoulder Bacon

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Smoked up a bunch a mahogany shoulder bacon fer orders taday, Here be a cute little one:



After cure an ready ta smoke.



All smoked up an coolin, next we slice.

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That looks great Tip, I need to get me some netting and smoke some buckboard or CB like that. A couple of eggs and a few slices of that sounds good right now. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Looks great Tip, Its been a long time since I did a shoulder bacon. Your Q-view may have inspired me. Thanks for sharing it.

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Looks great. What cure did you use and how long did you have to cure it. 

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Hey Tip!


You make some of the best looking smoked shoulders I've ever seen!


How about a link to your process.  I know you've posted bits and pieces of your brine method and smoking.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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The cure be one I come up with bein part a what I can remember grandad doin an the rest research.  Lets just say ther be a fair amount a sugar an mollases in there.  It's also a 21 day cure usin cure #1.


With that long of a cure it soaks fer 2 hours in cold water witha change ever 30 minutes ta help keep it from bein salty.  Then a rest over night in the ice box followed up by a nice sloooooow smoke in used ta be cool.  I smoke the bacon at 200° to a internal of 160°. 


I use hickory chips cause bacon should have a nice heavier smokey flavour to it.


Nice thing bout shoulders, ain't much fat on em.  Ya get lots more meat.


I've found with my recipe ya gotta cook it slower then regular bacon other wise it'll burn on ya cause a all the sugar.  But it sure be tastey!

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Looks great Tip !


Am anxious for the sliced pics---My favorite !




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It looks awesome I too wanna see the Qview of it sliced popcorn.gif

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Was outa town all day taday, will slice tammarraw an post up a pic.  I hate Christmas shoppin.mad.gif

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