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Giving the squirrel a bone.

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And with conviction!! icon_eek.gif




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OH Goodness!!! They've turned into Carnivores!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!





Oh well I guess there's more nuts for the vegans!

Fruitty Toots!



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Been cold over there in Augusta,hasn't it?

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Was that a smoked bone?

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

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With all the love to our Squirrel buddy who cooks the most awesome dishes, I have a sweet Gamo air rifle that would remedy that bone biter. PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif

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Camping out in Joshua Tree (CA), we were hanging out and a squirrel ran onto the table a took a whole apple and waddled away with it. We thought well, THAT was sure cute and funny....  until he came back and stole our paring knife!  NEVER underestimate a squirrel!!!

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Is that a wing bone, or a leg bone from a UPS Guy???

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I wonder how it dragged that yard bird up that tree? confused.gif 

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She's good. She's real good! Sort of like Squirrel .ninja, samurai, boxer...all rolled into one.

We cannot win . Squirrel always wins.



like Metropolis;metropolis.jpg

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