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New Toy

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Here are a few pictures of my new 11lb Weston  stuffer I was able to get from Cabela's....It seems to be very well build. It was very dirty out of the box, but once I washed it down with a little soap and hot water it look great. For the cost I was very impressed on how well it was built. Before I picked it up  a, I browsed around the store.  I looked at the Cabela's brand one ( I'm not downing their product, I was just comparing the two). The tank plunger and the tubes are plastic (I was not impressed with how their were built). The tank plunger and the tubes on this one are stainless steel. It seems to be very well built so far, but I haven't run any meat trough it yet... Hopefully I will get to try it out this week or weekend.....Like a kid with a new toy......I will let yall know after I use it how I like it......                      DSCF9295.JPGDSCF9300.JPGDSCF9298.JPG

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Awesome!  Can't wait for the Q-view!

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Great looking new Toy, waiting on that first Q View!

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Great Toy!


I own a Cabelas 20# and the plunger does not go all the way to the bottom.  Not that big a deal, cuz I either fry it up or just scoop it out and stick it in a ziplock.. I wonder if the plunget on your model will go all the way down.


Looks like you got a 1/2" for doing snack sticks.  Remember to add a little extra water, or you'll have trouble pushing thru the smaller tubes.


These stuffers make life a little easier?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Good looking machine. Bet you are anxious to get some sausage made.

I know I would be.

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congrats on the new equiptment..... will be lookin for the q

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