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Weed Burner: What a tool!

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I got a lp weed burner, turbo on it an the works.  Used em fer years.  This one puts out upta 5 million btus on full turbo.


Well yeah I use it ta burn weeds, start fires in the wood stove er fire ring, melt ice on the drive way an deck, I've used it ta burn out the drum fer the UDS, aimed it inta a small drum an used it fer a shop heater, melted in patch's fer the blacktop driveway an last Christmas we even used it ta fry the turkey cause the turkey fryer wen't down.


Well, as many of yall read, the boy buried his truck in a huge snow drift last night, wen't down taday an pulled it out, wouldn't start, the entire engine compartment was full a snow so figure the starter was froze.  Pulled it home an got out.............Yup, the weed burner!  Carefully melted out most a  the snow from underneath, bein carefull a hoses an other flamable things.  He jumped in a she fired right up!  Leavin it run fer a bit ta dry everthing out.


They sure be a handy tool!


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Good to have the right tools Tip. Did ya have the converstion with him yet? I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one

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They work good for cleaning sidewalks and driveways also...

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