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Deboned Chicken

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Started with a 5# fryer

Then deboned using the method I found in the Wiki's deboned 004.JPG


deboned 007.JPG


I forgot to get a pic of the stuffing, but it was yellow rice,brocolli,carrots, and some cheddar.

Here it is all rolled up and ready to smokedeboned 006.JPG


Smoked @ 225º-235º with lump and apple till internal temp of 170º

deboned 022.JPG


deboned 009.JPG

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Here's the sliced pic

deboned 018.JPG


deboned 010.JPG

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Things that make you saw WOW

Nice job

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man that looks to good to eat

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Nice job, I haven't tried deboning, jonna have to give it a go, it looks great.

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Nice job Rap!


And great video too!


Bob "bballi" did a great post on deboning the other day, but he didn't have the benefit of a video. He had to show it the hard way.


Yours looks as good as the one in the video!




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What time is dinner? points.gif

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That just kicks ass. 

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Beautiful Chicken...

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Looks awesome!  Alway's impressed with the talents of folks on this site.

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