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My November Throw down

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Smoked my 1st and not last turkey of my life. Smoked w/hickory on the WSM for 4 hours. I brined and used some spices in the brine and on the turkey, the turkey was very moist and tender. I did not use any water in the pan and had all the bottom vents open and top vent, when I took the turkey off the WSM temp was about 330*.


Thanks for the votes.   000_0309.jpg000_0301.jpg000_0313.jpg000_0314.jpg000_0315.jpg000_0319.jpg

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good lookin bird and that's the spirit of the "T-down"........nice job!

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Great looking bird, looks like the skin crisped up nice. points.gif

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I will take a plate of that! Looking good

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Pass one of those drum sticks please.  Skin on the bird looks absolutely outstanding!  And I will bet those drums sucked up the hickory.


Excellent work!

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love that sandwich   i'm sure everyone on this site had several of those,  i know i had probably a dozen of em over the weekend  extra mayo and good american cheese

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