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Exhaust Pipe ?

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Guys,  my smoker is getting closer to being complete.  I still have to mount my exhaust stack.


I've phots of others on the forum that show the exhaust stack going down into the smoking chamber several inches.  What is the theory or reasoning on this? 


The Smoker calculator shows my stack to be 28", if put the stack into the chamber a few inches will this be added to the 28" or will it be included?

Thanks for the help


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 I have a bad habit of over thinking things and have to stop and remind myself it's not a Rolex, it's a pit.icon_biggrin.gif I would think the length would be fine. A 28" length of pipe is 28" long be it on top of or into the smoke chamber. The theory behind dropping the stack to grate level is to draw your smoke across the meat on it's way out the stack. 

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Sounds like good reasoning to me,  thanks for the input!

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