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Final plan of first smokehouse?

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Ok thanks to all of you that shared ideas with me, I think i have it. I'll start with 4' w x 4' L x 8' H 2x4 framed structure. Then on the outsie use a cement hardie board. On the inside i will use a non treated sheet of plywood. I will use standard roll insultion between the walls. The roof will be made of tin sheets. one 55 gal drum to use for the wood burning to get my smoke channeled through pipe into the house. now if this sounds like it will work let me know, if not let me know. If you have any modifications that may help please let me know. Thank you for your help.

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Sounds similar to this but with better materials I didn't insulate mine tho



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Looks great, I was going to put mine on blocks so i could walk into it with racks on the inside. Same idea great design thank you. PS, does it smoke well or did you need venilation around the bottom?

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It works great for cold smoking things like bacon and cheese but I need to add a propane burner so I can get the temps up for doing sausage. The big thing I found out was that I had to add more intakes on the drum than what a UDS takes I have I think nine 3/4" nipples in the drum and I have to have about 7 of them open I burn straight wood splits in mine.

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