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New York state isn't so bad

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I've got abot 4 acres of mixed hardwoods behind my house.  I just dropped a beech, cherry, apple, hickory, hard maple, and oak tree so they can be ready for smoking with when my present supply of chunks runs out.  That should about cover my needs for a few years.  Other things about New York aren't that great though.

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What do you expect,  Cleveland and New York  the two names alone are bad enough, put them together I can't imagine it being any better!  Yea and for all the wise guys out there I know the real Cleveland is in actually in Ohio


Are you going to leave that wood in the weather or do you expect to cut it up and stack it someplace dry?

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I'll cut it up and split it next week when I have more time.  I just wanted to see what I had available and get it down now.  I will season it in my garage for the winter and then cut into chunks.  By dropping it when the sap is out of it, it should be ready to use in the spring.

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Well it sounds like you have quite the idea on what your doing. Now I would like to see this place that you have cause it sounds like you have a nice set-up so go smoke something. 

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Sounds like you're set for a while.

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That sounds great... i too have alot of  woods around my farm. So far i have cut a maple,oak along with the cherry tree and the peach plus one apple tree,thats one good reason to have your own farm plus buddies with the cherry and peach trees!!!!! I love pa and farmers!!

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I'm originally from Adams Center NY (near Watertown); we have relatives on my wife's side that live in Cleveland, know right where it is!  But, that's why we moved to Fort Worth... heat bills and excessive taxes took their toll, lol!  i'll send you a PM about our relatives, maybe you know them.

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I'm originally from Adams Center NY (near Watertown);  ><>>>>>> Me too! Imagine that.

Clevland...that's right over there near Sylvan Beach isn't it??

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Nothing wrong with the Upstate and Western part of New York. More country than some places down south. Friendly people also. Took my fiance to the Finger Lake Region to get married and after a week there she asked where all the "snotty NYers" were, that she always heard about. My cousin told her they were banished to an Island on the east coast. biggrin.gif

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