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Weekend Prime Rib Dinner

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This past weekend my parents and I got together for a prime rib dinner at my home.


SmokerMark 023.jpg


SmokerMark 029.jpg

Seasoned & set to cook


SmokerMark 030.jpg

3 3/4 hours, 45 min. to go


SmokerMark 032.jpg

SmokerMark 035.jpg

SmokerMark 036.jpg

Done to 135 deg. @ 4.5 hours, ready to rest     


SmokerMark 042.jpg

SmokerMark 043.jpg

Standing rib roast cut and plated, following 25 min. rest


What you see here is our meal consisting of a small garden melody salad with gorgonzola cheese featuring Dreisbach's Nebraska Steakhouse Original Garlic Caper Dressing & Marinade. Asparagus, yellow pepper and mushroom in a mild butter saute. Kalamata olive cream cheese stuffed celery spears. And, shallot blue cheese sauce slightly modified from a recipe complements of Linda Stradley, for dipping.


I use a seasoning/rub that is a slight modification of my grilled steak marinade recipe which includes a little bit of brown sugar with a few other minor alterations (seasoned 14 hrs. in advance). The final result was at the higher end of medium rare for most this 7.3lb. roast. Pecan, almond and cherry woods were used in combination with lump charcoal for this cook.

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Meal fit for a king right there.

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Looks great, I could see myself diving into that with no problem what so ever. Good Job!!

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Prime Rib and Lamb?  Want to become friends?  Nebraska isn't that far away from Ames, I will make the drive.  That looks great!

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Looks Great Mark!


Aint Nuthin better than a perfectly smoked Prime Rib!




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Fine job on the PR, Thanks for sharing. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I gotta agree, fantastic job. If I can get out of my plans for sunday, I think I will maybe fire up one of the drums and do a PR. No sense tending a fire in the RF for one cut of meat.


BTW..... your not making my hamburger meat for taco's look very tasty at all. Tonight will be mind over matter, gonna eat tacos and be pretending they are PR.

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Way to treat your parents man. They were probably thinkin what a good boy they raised after that spread!

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Thanks everyone!  ( :  We had a good afternoon together. Everything turned out about exactly how I wanted. At the start my heat got away from me a little bit for a short while but then it settled in. Would have liked to lengthen out the cook time some. Prime rib supper is one of our all time favorite meals. It was a tender roast juicy and flavorful.


Yes, the parents are pretty proud. I tried to explain to them all those years  that there was a method to my madness! Lol, sometimes I think they still wonder. 

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Good looking dinner Mark

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holy friggin cow PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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