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just ordered this item...i hope it works as great as everyone says it does.  i would like to use it for over night smokes so i dont have to add chips to my mes 40 every hour and a half. icon_confused.gif

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you will like it i do i used it with my mse

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You are going to love it...

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You are going to love it. It will change the way you smoke for sure. If you have any questions and Todd is not around send a PM to Bear , BeerBQ or me

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thanx everyone, if i do have any issues i'll get ahold of some one. 

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Yes, you will love it. Awesome product. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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You'll love it. Now you have to find something to use your woodchips for, because you won't want to use anything but the AMNS.

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just received my AMNS today on UPS..hoping i can use it this weekend icon_biggrin.gif

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i would make a point of it............

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