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Getting many new members that got new toys for Christmas so i'm bumping this back up.

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Great post and good advice, I hope to keep it up for some newbies to read. It would have been a great to have seen this when I first joined the site.   Shoneyboy

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fantastic post, and great advice, eman!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


and super great replies, too!  particulary the advice to find answers to questions  one has by searching the forums for previously answered questions similar to yours,  and i liked the advice to review other recipes to come up with one of your own (i love doing that!).   there are a LOT of super creative and generous people on this forum.  monkey see, monkey do!


and the introductory e-book sounds super cool.   this place is such a rich resource that i feel i've barely scratched the surface and i've been here a while now. 


it can be overwhelming for new members, especially those with little or no smoking background, so it would probably be very useful to have a simple overview of the site.

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bump her on up

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Got a pm thanking me for posting this so i guess it worked for at least one new

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it's bump thirty.......somewhere.

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