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Dude all I can say is very nice.where did you aquire the 6 inch pipe,thats what I plan to use on my rig.

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Gotta love the look of the stainless rod. My buddy welded a serial number to the inside roof of the firebox in case it ever got stolen. He ran the 309 rod on plain oll carbon steel, so that it can be ground off but the stainless will still be in the carbon and be able to read the number.


I like the damper you made into the stack. Will the stack come straight out the top or will you have to make a 90° bend in it?

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I picked up a drop of the 6" from a project out at the plant. On the stainless they let me have it for scrap value.


The stainless rods are like welding with a real runny 7018 and there is no procedure for welding pipe with it, you have to use an all position rod for pipe or use another method for welding like Tig or Mig. I only do this at home to save Argon as I will clean it up and dry wash it with the Tig rig later.


The butterfly valve will be welded horizontally between the main smoke chamber opposite of the firebox at the bottom. This will allow me to use the upright as a warming box or another smoke chamber with a turn of the valve.

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Cool,thanks Jonny

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Looking forward to pics Jonny.

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This is really looking good.


Like the rest here, can't wait to see more pics of the progress.

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Nice looking build.  I hope your trailer has a heavy axle on it.  That thing looks like it is HE-DOUBLETOOTHPICKS for stout!!

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Thanks y'all, I had to stop working on the toys for a while and build my son a bed. Once I get that thing done I'll get back on the fire box and get it finished so I can weld it to the main chamber. I have to finish the stacks and shut off valves first. Here is a pic of the stacks, they are 4" 316 ss. I managed to scrape up enough 2" out of the scrap bin to get the legs cut as well. I just cleaned them up a bit with a Tiger disc.


Copy of IMG_3038.JPGCopy of IMG_3021.JPGIMG_3037.JPG

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WELL THATS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.....WOW,Hey jonny do you think it will flow enough,I mean with those tiny pipes and all,just saying                       looking DAMN good

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Very nice!!! 


Any chance of showing us what the handle between the stacks is attached to on the inside?

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Thanks again, my stacks are what the calculator called for just cut in two.I just didn't really want to look like I have a flare stack on top of my smoker.


The stacks will only be open at one end at a time depending how I am cooking. I open the opposite end from the fire box and I can cook standard offset with tuning plates. I slide all the plates down and open the end at the fire box and I can cook reverse flow. I also have the capability to completely block off the horizontal chamber with the addition of another plate to the tuning plate assembly and I can cook exclusively with the vertical cook chamber. I can also valve control the vertical unit to cook with or use as a warming box while cooking on the horizontal chamber in either configuration.


The handles at both ends are the shutoff/damper control valves. They look o.k. but I have to cut them out and redo them. I used a set of Shovelhead intake valve spring packs for tension but there is too much up and down movement in the handles. I will cut them out and install close fit bushings in the end caps for the handle to go through.


I still have to weld the polished stacks to the 90s and the legs before the firebox is welded on. I wanted to be able to fire it up for Christmas but it don't look like that is gonna happen. I think I may have underestimated the man hours it was going to take me to build this just a little LOL 



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Thanks for the extra shots, very cool setup ya got going on there.


The extra stacks which ever way you are cooking can be a real advantage when you need more draft to build the fire fast or dump heat if it shoots up on ya.


Hey, if ya don't make it for x mas we won't penalize ya for it. Good things take time.

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I kinda half a$$ mocked it up. I ended up tacking some temporary butt weld carbon hinges to the doors as I had so much welding to do on the pit. Glad I did, one door fits so bad after the rack guides and end caps were welded I will have to remove them to get them straight. It would be cool to be able to fire it off around next week when the grand baby comes. The racks are all done except seal welding the handles, I am out of 3/32 lo-hy so I just stuck em' on with some 5-p. This is about as far as I have gotten so far and probably won't get much done over the holidays.  



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WOW....What  A Cool Build!!


Great pics of the progress.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That is very cool - I cant wait to see it all finished. Probably not as much as you want to see it done but we are excited for you  

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Once again, nice work, and that sucker is lookin great!!!


I doubt I work much on mine this weekend, I need to practice a half fried, half smoked turkey. Then family x mas on sunday.  We shall see how it all pans out.


Not that you haven't thought about it already, but the first rig I built after I moved into this house....Turned out to be to tall to exit the garage, had to cut one stack and weld it back on after the exit. icon_mrgreen.gif

If it can happen, it will happen to me. Thats just my life.


Happy holidays to you all all the family.

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I am having a hard time trying figure out how this is going to work. Looking at the pics I see the smokestacks on each end. Then I see the mockup with the warmer box hanging on the end.


Will the warmer be mounted in such a way that it will clear the stacks?

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Yes it will clear it. I will be sticking more of it together while on vacation next week and it will be easier to see.icon_cool.gif

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Any update or finished pics?

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