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First Chickens W/Qview

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I decided to smoke a couple of whole chickens & some brussel sprouts for my wife for her birthday. I used Tip's brine & basted with a rasberry, honey & apple cider mix. The brussel sprouts were parboiled then put in open foil with butter & Paula Deans house seasoning. I left the sprouts open for an hour then wrapped tight in foil & left for 45 more minutes. The chicken & sprouts came out gerat, very few leftoves. Sorry, no money shot but they were nice & moist and very good, my son said the skin was like eating candy icon_biggrin.gif


Chicken 12-4-10.jpg

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Looks great!

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Tbak, those birds have a nice color and I bet they were tasty. Sometimes it is hard to get a money shot, but we like money shots.

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Great looking birds---perfect color!


Your son knows what the best part is !


Thanks for showing,


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Nice job!  Whole birds are so easy and so amazingly great!  I like the brussel sprouts idea, too!

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Those look perfect, I bet mama was happy. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Now the birds look awesome and I would really like to see the sprouts I love those things. Maybe fried up with some bacon and the bacon grease too.

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Man those birds turned out great. You can keep the brussel sprouts to yourself - I cant stand the dang things

Your son is right on the money with the skin

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STOP!!! your making me hungry!icon_sad.gif

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Some rite fine lookin birds!


Hey, I like brussel sprouts!

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Those are beautiful, great color.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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looks great

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