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Dry weight measurements of spices in grams.

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I found this and thought it may be useful for the sausage makers wishing to convert to weight measurements.


Spice Weights

by sausagemaker on Fri Jan 28, 2005 1:46 pm


Hope you find the following of use.
Please find below the average weight per teaspoon of spices

2---Ground Ginger
2---Ground Paprika
2---Ground Coriander
2---Ground Cumin
2---Ground Aniseed
2---Ground Caraway
2---Ground Cardomom
2.6-Ground Cinnamon
2.6-Ground Nutmeg
2.6-Ground Cayenne
2.6-Garlic Powder
2.6-Ground Pimento
2.6-Ground Mace
2.6-Ground Star Anise
2.6-Ground Clove
2.6-Black Pepper
3.3-White Pepper
3.3-Caraway Seed
3.3-Ground Turmeric
5.3-White Sugar
7.3-Garlic Salt
0.3-Dried Tarragon
0.6-Rubbed Oregano
0.6-Ground Sage
1.3-Rubbed Sage
1.3-Mixed Herbs
1.3-Rubbed Mint
2---Rubbed Thyme
2---Ground Bay
2---Ground Cassia
2---Annato Colour
2---Ground Celery
2---Ground Fennel
2.6-Hickory Smoke Pwd
3.3-Plain Wheatflour
4---Crushed Chilli



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Helpful post Rick,


Gonna cut and paste to my recipe directory. 







PS.  Did you leave a box of food prep/cooking gloves at the farm?  How about a watch?

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Yes on the gloves but keep em.  Is the watch a timeex.  Sandy is miissing one.

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No,   One is a Fossil and the other a no name with black plastic band

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I havn't been in the trailer since you used it,  I will check this week.  Any idea where it could be?

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