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Pulled Pork Spritz

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I have an 8 pound picnic in the smoker for about 3 hours now.  I realized I don't have any apple juice to spritz with.  Has anyone used other liquids to spritz?  I have pineapple juice, wine and beer on hand.  Suggestions?

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You are dabbling in the realm of "to spritz, or not to spritz"? After having a spray bottle on my hip for quite some time, it's been abandoned. Got the same results spritzing as if I didn't spritz.


But, to answer your question ... pineapple juice would work well in substitution of apple.

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Thanks Sumo.  I appreciate the help.  I think I'll go without the spritz this time.

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Mix it up, Donzi!!!  I've heard of everything from soda pop to whiskey used in a spritz.  Personally, I like spritzing, but agree with Sumosmoke - you can have excellent results with out it.


One of my faves was using a mixture of Buttershots and Apple Juice.... If you do that, make a big batch and sample often to make sure it doesn't sour on ya.... ;o)

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I have used Mountain Dew and other types of soda but I agree I get the same results if I don't spritz so I have slowed down on the spritzing. Maybe if I had a spritz and an unspritz piece of meat side by side I could tell the difference but other wise I can't tell the difference. 

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Pineapple juice will work well. I was in the same boat and decided to mix a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar into the pineapple juice with fantastic results.

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