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Is this brisket too old?

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A friend of mine gave me a frozen brisket to smoke tomorrow. I started to prep it tonight and saw that the packaging date was April, 2009. It was vacuum packed and appears OK with no freezer burn. What do you guys think? Should I toss it and go buy a fresh one?

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I would use it, if it were me. If no freezer burn, you should be okay, the worst that could be noticed is that some of the fat could have an off taste to it, but I doubt it if it is as you say just old.

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Go for it!

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Absolutely smoke that puppy!  Should be a perfect candidate for the job!  Q-view, please!

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The guidelines given by the USDA say if it was in a Deep Freeze (temp of 0) you can keep it almost indefinitely.


Good luck and post pics!

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