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There is no easy way to separate the boned out rib section from the backbone without using some kind of saw on it.  I would recommend a purchase of a hand meat saw; I bought one from Northern Tools for a very reasonable amount ($25.00 + 11.00 for 10 replacement blades): and even if used once it is the right tool for the job.  And, then you can split off loin end roast and rib end roast, cut the chine and get country style ribs from the rib end, etc.

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Here are some non smoking choices if you so desire.

Slice it, pound it thin, bread it and fry in EVOO. Great with mushroom gravy and potato pancakes.

Or Slice it, marinate in soy sauce and honey and a little ginger and grill it with some asparagus.

Or rub a 3 pound hunk with Cavender's, pepper and rosemary and rotisserie it.

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Not sure if it's still here, but a couple years ago, Dutch had a great recipe where he filleted the loin, added sausage/mushroom stuffing, then rolled it up and smoked it.  Really good!  When I get them now, if I don't do that method, I cut them into chops, then save a couple small loin cuts to cook on the rotisserie.  This is a cut of meat that is very lean and will get really dry really fast so be careful.  At the same time, it's one of my favorites...

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