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Christmas dinner ideas?

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Hey gang-


Looking to do something special this year...maybe prime rib in the smoker, but what else? What are some of the more interesting ideas you guys have for the holidays?


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I always wanted to but have not done a crown roast of pork.  Depending on the size of the crowd a 20 lb suckling pig is a show stopper.  I fit one in my UDS.  Looked and tasted great.  Heres the thread.

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Smoked Goose is another unique idea.  I like the suckling pig notion too.  So many meats, so little smoking time!!  PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

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I vote for the prome rib on the smoker, thats what we are having here

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We'll be going with the Prime Rib again this year

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For Christmas I usually do prime rib & goose.

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Well... I always do a prime rib as I will again this year, but thinking of adding a ham also. 

If you smoke it.....they will eat.

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I've got it...smoked/roasted prime rib of Wagyu beef.  :)

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Once you go prime rib you'll never go back. Their some of the best meat I have ever eatin out of the smoker. Now there's a bunch of different meats that you can smoke. I have gone with Goat, Duck, Goose, and alot of venison. The coice is yours and the world is at you beckin call.

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Sorry no help. Prime Rib is the way I go.

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Anyone have a good prime rib method for the smoker?


Rub or no rub?


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Do a search for Bearcarvers prime rib. While I have not used his recipe yet, it gets rave reviews, but dont tell him or his head will swell up  

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Found it, thanks!

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Just dont tell him you like it - he is a grumpy old Bear and I am on his private email list icon_mrgreen.gif


Originally Posted by Light-It-Up View Post

Found it, thanks!

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I'm gonna smoke a pastrami this year, I'm tired of bird, ham. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

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Christmas Eve Prime Rib, planning to smoke it, Cioppino. Christmas day, any prime rib left ?, Salmon, big Costco fillet, smoked or grilled; Braciole, Italian stuffed flank steak, braised in tomatoes, garlic and dash of wine, that's it - makes its own amazing sauce.    always Scotch Eggs for Christmas morning. great with beer!

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Portion wise, do you figure a pound per person, before cooking?

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Lots of great suggestions here. How about a nice pork loin rack roast maybe even a whole ham with a nice sweet potato or yam dish? It's hard to beat prime rib though.

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