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Fridays smoke.

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10 thighs with SPGO for the Woman.

2 racks of wings for me with Jeffs rub.

MES at 240 for about 2.5 hours, meat out at 170.

Boubron oak barrel dust in the AMAZEN.






I have about 14 lbs of butt in the fridge. Will be making sausage this weekend.

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Now thats one good looking smoker filled the the gills. You have some good looking yardbird going on there too.

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That is the best way to treat a smoker, filller up, lookin' sweet!!

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Great job, Craig! Looks delicious!

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Great Job!


How'd you like the Bourbon Barrel?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That all looks perfect ! ! !


Great Job !




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Boubron oak barrel dust in the AMAZEN.






Man I love the Bourbon Oak and the Wine Barrel too. Great flavors. This looks really good and it is only 7 Am here
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Looks great

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Very nice and I like the way you filled that smoker up. Don't waste the smoke!!

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Thanks fellas.

I am so happy I ran into Pops on another site.

All the really great folks here have opened the door to smoking for me.

6 months after joining here I am no longer fighting the BGE to smoke anything.

Everyone has been quick to help in my new hobby.

The Woman is happy too. She likes smoked meat and sausage.

It's been really awesome renewing my friendship with Pops.

Not a whole lot of us old guys still talking to childhood buds.

Ok ok I'll stop now. 

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I love Pops too. He has helped a silly blonde squirrel many a times.

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