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First Turkey

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Since I had to work on Thanksgiving my family and I did it a few days late.  Turns out that is a great time to do it!  Anyway I finally found a bone in turkey breast to smoke.  Following Jeff's guide to brining I brined my turkey breast overnight.  WIth the new expanded metal placement in the smoker box I got my smoker running, and it ran GREAT!!!!  I actually had to manipulate the airflow to bring the temps down.  Once I got the turkey on the temps were still a little high (around 300) but I kept adjusting to get the temp down.  The turkey cooked in about 2-2.5 hours and I pulled it off and wrapped in foil and a towel for about 30 minutes before getting it ready to slice.  Overall it came out decent.  My wife loved it but I thought the flavor could be better and it could have been a little more moist.  I think the high temps dried it out slightly (it was still better than oven turkey) and I have mediocre hickory chunks so it tasted smoky without a great flavor.  I was at Bass Pro Shops the other day and I saw they have Hickory logs, so I am going to start using those I think.  All in all the turkey came out good and it didn't hog up the whole oven all day making the rest of the meal easier on my wife to

I didn't really think about the warming rack in my smoker so I kinda pressed on the turkey while it was cooking, but it held it up right.  You can see the rack marks in the first picture.

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Ero, looks pretty good and finally something smoked in a short time and not a lot of effort.  

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Your turkey looks really good to me and I'm glad you had some time with the whole family.

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It looks great from here too!  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Man what a breast! It looks very good from here!   PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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