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The winner of this poll will receive a brand new, Maverick ET-73, courtesy of TJohnson.


Votes are due by midnight EST on Monday, 12/6/2010.




1. Basic white bread sandwich with white turkey meat and mayo w/a slice of cheddar cheese. Pulled dark turkey meat with shredded cheddar cheese burrito and a leg of turkey.


turkey sammie.jpg


2. Open faced Oaxaca Sub with Ancho Jicama slaw, turkey molé, topped with Oaxaca, tequila, and mesquite cheese sauce. A side of Yucca fries with Ancho Lime dip.


Open faced Oaxaca Sub.jpg


3. Smoked Turkey Pot Pie, With Homemade Crust


Smoked Turkey Pot Pie.JPG


4. Apricot glazed, hot spice injected happy turkey


Apricot glazed turkey.jpg


5. Turkey BLT and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries with Honey-Lime Dip


Turkey BLT.jpg