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Smoked apples

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Sooo....  Since I got my MES I have been experimenting with things.  Wife thinks I am crazy, but hey, it's fun! 


I did this just to try.


2 medium apples, cored and halved

sprinkled with cinnamon and light brown sugar

175* for 2 hours with apple/maple chips.


I think next time I might peel the apples, but I like the smoky taste of the skins. 



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Semper Fi Marine, that looks good

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I have smoked apple chunks with cinimon and sugar for pastry filling but I have not done apple in halves. This really looks good! I will have to try it. Thanks...

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Now your apples look awesome and I know that they tasted good too.

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Try them with Ice cream  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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