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chiken cook time and temp?

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i jst got a sem 30" and havent goten a cook book yet to figure out what temp and times to use.   anyways im want to cook a 7.5 lbs chiken. what temp should i use and for how long?  thanks

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Chicken does not benefit from low and slow, so you can dial in the temps you want. If your smoker can do higher temps, go 325 and you'll have some crisp skin also. If you cannot reach those temps, go as high as you can. As to when it is done, when the juices run clear and you have a 170 internal of so in the leg.

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wow, ups only diliverd it this morning around 9 and im in love with it already chiken with slouater house brime was great. good thing it came a day early when i had off.

going to do 6 cornish hens tomorrow and try a few difent ways.

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I usually do mine at around 250-300 depending on how much time I have. I pull them when they reach around 165. If you like crispy skin cook it at a higher temp or at least kick up the heat at the end to crisp up the skin. But like others said there is no problem with going 300-325 it will cut back on the cooking time. If you have never had beer butt (aka Beer Can chicken) you have to try it.

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I like to keep my smoker at about 300*- 325* and then take the bird to 165* in the breast meat.

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