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New to SMF (in sunny sarasota)

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Just got my first smoker- an old New Braunfels -garage sale $25.  No clue bout model or anything - it horizontal with the smoke stack on the right and a round firebox on the left...has a thermometer above the handle...surface rust but sounds solid when tapped...weighs more'n i xpected when i threw er in my xplorer.  i'll try for pics next weekend.  been round grillng and slow spit cookin for 40+ years, but cept for whole pigs, mostly simple grill stuff...ya know, steaks, burgers, dogs, chops, some salmon...been using an old Lazyman picked up (you guessed right) at garage sale...

had to replace the burners- found some new ducane stainless at closeout at ace hardware when my local changed their house brand and made them work.  its all stainless top to bottom, so cept for cleaning its easy care.

got stacks of old oak accumulating from trimmin my trees, guess i'll start with that...

one question, being in florida we have a few citrus trees...didnt see any mention of citrus wood in the there anything wrong (maybe toxic fumes from the oil?) that i should be aware of??? thanks.


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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifWelcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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Welcome to the SMF.  Any questions you have will be answered here.  You're good to go with the citrus wood.  Took me 4 years to get one of my friends to bring me some orange wood from Arizona! 

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Welcome to SMF!!!

 That old new braunfuls will put out some great smoked meat.

 There are a few modifications that you can do to it that make it work alot better and make it easier on you.

 Do search for  mods. some call it a side fire box ,some call it an offset .

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Welcome to the SMF!  Very informative site.  I'm new and learning a lot here.  Looking forward to some QView from yopu!


Take care,


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Welcome. Glad you joined us.

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Hey Jeff welcome to SMF. Lots of us use citrus for smoking. I personally love apple, peach and orange for a lot of things.

I also use some maple pecan and  hickory . Just be careful to steer away from anything that has been treated with chemicals

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Hey- thanks for the warm, (slightly smokey) welcome, really looking forward to cleaning it up and cranking it up.

glad to be on board.


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