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Try it... You'll like it

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I had a ham bone left over from turkey day so I made me a big ole pot of 13 bean ham bone soup, cooked down till it was super thick.


The next day I mixed about a half cup of my ham n bean soup with shredded cheddar cheese and Jeff’s sauce. I rolled out a pound of ground turkey put the mixture in it with a couple of fresh mushrooms.


I laid out the bacon, sprinkled with Jeff’s rib rub and rolled it up nice and neat. Into the smoker at 250for 2 and a half hours and pulled it out when it hit 165. It’s good, but I do have to admit that turkey still needs a little help.


Turkey N Bean.JPG

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Great idea

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Great idea,It might not look perfect but i'll bet it tasted great! The ground turkey is real tricky. I have mixed ½ sausage and ½ turkey and it held together pretty well. Thanks for sharin'!

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