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Thanksgiving Turkey with Q-View

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Just getting around to posting the TG Day Q-view.  Smoked a 22 lb. bird in the Weber with ash wood using the indirect method.  Brought the Weber up to the inlaws' just for the occasion.  When I offered to smoke TG dinner, my wife was wondering if I was planning to haul "Grillestate" up for the job.  Now that rig is a heavy unit assembled from 2 separate smokers: a SFB with an upright bolted to the end.


The Finished Product.JPG


I wasn't really interested in all that effort when I can smoke the perfect bird in the Weber every time (in my sleep, if necessary!).  The very first thing I ever smoked was a turkey on that Weber (TG 1998).  Why mess with what already works?  Besides, toting a Weber kettle is much easier. 


Alright, on to the Q-view.  The turkey at about the half-way mark.




Melted butter, salt & pepper on the skin.  Cavity empty.  No brine or injection.  Breast side down to let the juices flow into the breast meat during the smoke.  I use 2 foil "fenders" to protect the legs from burning being so close tot he coals.  I flip the bird breast side up with about an hour left for the smoke.  Total time: 4.5 hours at 250* to an internal temp of 180* in the breast meat.




The money shot.  Hard to see the smoke ring; I took these with my phone.  Moist, tender, delicious.  Note the wife's phenomenal smoked turkey gravy from the drippings!  Saved the carcass for turkey soup (devoured last night at dinner).


Thanks for looking at another successful smoke!



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That looks !!!

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Beautiful color on that bird! Nice looking spread too. What a great way to score some points with the in-laws! icon_mrgreen.gif

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that looks so good


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Great job and great looking bird. I'm sure the family was very happy.

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Thats a mighty fine looking Bird. 

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Nice!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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