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My Turkey Day smoke, q-view

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Actually this was a day after turkey day smoke, smoked Friday, ate on Saturday.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday as it just worked better for everyone...


I think this is my first q-view post I believe.... But anyway smoked a 13lb bird and 6lbs deer summer sausage....  Many got many compliments on both! Turkey took forever with the cold temps and wind we had, was hard to even maintain 200* in the smoker. Didn't even manage to get the turkey brined before the smoke, which I had intended, but it wasn't fully thawed yet so I just spritzed it a lot during the smoke with apple juice.  Was plenty juicy!





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I had to look twice for I thought I read turkey dinner. Then saw two links of sausages and thought you had turkey sausage for turkey day. But I went on down and saw the bird and I felt better for you. Great Job on the bird.

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Nice work.  hard to go back to the regular oven for TG dinner ever again, huh?  Congrats!!!

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Absolutely hard to go back to an oven! I either fry or smoke them now...  But my wife for some reason still prefers baked turkey.... but everyone else prefers smoked or fried so she gets out numbered... biggrin.gif

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Nice looking meat ya got there! Glad it all worked out, nothing worse than braving the elements to smoke and it not work out. Sounds like yours did!

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