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Drill bit for ECB mods??

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This is a dumb question. But what kind of bit do I need to use to drill through the base and walls of the ECB smokers? I tried it once and had a helluva time getting the bit to pierce the metal. Thanks in advance. Hell, I was probably using a wood bit.

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Try a metal bit, also you can use a nail as a center punch on metal to keep the bit from running.

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Originally Posted by SCVinegarPepper View Post

 Hell, I was probably using a wood bit.

LOL, or a real dull one! which is probably the case. Stop at the hardware store and get a new one.

It should look like the one on the left,


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Before you drill, put a piece of masking tape over the spot where you are going to drill, then use a nail or punch and place it where you want the drill bit to center, give it a firm whack (don't kill it, just firm). That will create a small dimple in the metal to keep the tip from wandering around, also get some 3-in-1 oil or cutting oil and lube up the tip of the bit a little as you drill, keep the RPM's on the drill medium to medium low.

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Fantastic advice! I learn something new everyday on this forum. Thanks, y'all.

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Good advice so far. How big of a hole are you trying to drill? You might want to take a different approach if it is big, say over 3/8" +-. Pilot hole or hole saw may be in order.

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Drill bit you use a drill bit. Whats the matter with the old nail and a couple of good whacks with a hammer.

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Could have been the ceramic coating, Glass wins over a drill bit. Center punch and start out with a new bit, For metal that thin I wouldn't drill a pilot hole and if I did it would be a small diameter one like 1/8 or the bit will just grab and spin in the chuck.

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just make sure the bits your using are HSS or better...    just for the heck of it will throw this in there... your drill was in forward correct??? i am sure it was but.... also if your drilling holes in lighter metal, especially is you are wanting a larger sized hole, unibits, or step drills as they are also called are the cats meow.

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