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6lbs pork butt question?

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so i put in a 6 pound pork shoulder in the MES this morning at 730am...and its now 2pm, but temp right now says about 193, and im about ready to pull it and let it rest, but i was thinking this should take atleast 9hrs....i know you go by temp but is this abnormal to cook this fast?
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As long as your temps were steady and your therm is accurate, sounds like you're ready to pull it off and let it rest in some foil. Maybe probe it in a couple different spots to make sure it's a consistent 197-205?

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well it hit 194 when i tried probing it in other places.....put it back in....came back 20mins later realized the timer shut the mes off....ugh
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Sometimes they don't stall. Think of it as a gift from the Smoke Gods! icon_lol.gif

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I've had a great luck with the smaller butts in the 6 or 7 lb range.  Sometimes it doesn't make sense, one recent week I smoked an 8 1/2 lb butt in  9 hours....the following weekend one 8 1/4 lb and it spent 14 1/2 hours in the smoker!  


As Raptor said, think of it as a gift! lol  NOW, where's that Qview?

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pretty much what everyone else already said and i only do 5-7# butts...........

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im smoking hams and couldnt b hamppyer

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Now as long as your thermo-meter is working properly then count your blessing an start eating. Some butts cook in a short time and some cook in a longtime. Don't worry if you have a short time butt maybe the next one will take longer.

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