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First Smoked Turkey + Qview

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First smoked bird.  I followed some of the recipe ideas from the fine folks at Smoking Meat Forums, thanks!  I used my 18 inch WSM, regular Kingsford, a gallon of water in the bowl & small amount of hickory, did not brine.  Weather was 39F & breezy at the start, dropped into the 20s F + 20mph winds by the time we were done.


While the charcoal was starting up I melted butter, honey, garlic powder & onion powder for injecting.

Smokin 001.jpg


Prepping the 14 pounder.

Smokin 002.jpg


Butter honey mix for injection.

Smokin 004.jpg


First pound of bacon.

Smokin 007.jpg


First bacon came off after about an hour.  Second pound going on.

Smokin 008.jpg


Looking good.

Smokin 011.jpg


Second pound of bacon coming off.

Smokin 012.jpg



Smokin 015.jpg


Finished at a little over 4 hours.

Smokin 017.jpg


 I have some pics of the carving, but they're all blurry because the camera was froze up.


The bird turned out really well, moist, tasty & not too smokey.




Thanks for viewing, I look forward to your comments/ suggestions.

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Thats different. Looks like it turned out good. Did the bacon flavor the bird or what?

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Bacon wrapped turkey, mmm, I may have to try that. It looks mighty tasty!

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Oh man I wish you had a sliced shot of that. What was the theory behind adding/removing the bacon? Just curious how it turned out with the bacon.

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I assume the bacon was for self basting? If so, skip the bacon next time and brine the turkey overnight instead. I have done it both ways, and the brine is hands down better, and more moist. Either way that is a fine looking bird tough, and I always like seeing a WSM in action!

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I did my first turkey this past Thanksgiving as well. I did a bone-in breast using a brine. I agree with JIRodriguez, brining is definitely the way to go. Juiciest bird I ever saw.

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The bacon was only for moister, it didn't add flavor to the bird...


For those that prefer to brine... I guess you won't have any bacon with your turkey!




PS.  Another idea is to save the drippings (mine contain smoked bacon fat) & add them to the turkey soup that you make the next day!

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Great Looking Turkey...

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Great Job ~R,


I love it !!!


Personally I'd love it covered with Bacon.


That way Mrs Bear could eat the Turkey, and I could eat the Bacon!!!


Some of you might know I'm a bit partial to Bacon.




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man id love a big sammie of that right now!!

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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post

man id love a big sammie of that right now!!

Or 3 sammies lol


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Great job. Looks mighty awesome

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LOL----Makes you wonder why Turkeys aren't born covered with Bacon, instead of feathers?!?!




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