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When are Jap's bad

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I want to make some abt's in tonight, but some are a little bit shribbled and soft, are they o.k. to eat?

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I would probably use them unless there was mold or spots or something like that on them, and if the inside looked ok.  As far as I know, the wrinkled/shriveled look means that they're just not very fresh any more. 

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I did some yesterday that sounds like they were in the same shape as yours. They had been in the frig for several weeks and like BarbeQueen said no mold and they seemed fine on the inside. They turned out great.     I'm no expert  jusy my 2 cents worth .

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I would say that the japs are fine alittle shriveled up after all I'm alittle shriveled up and my wife still uses me.

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Thanks everyone for the reply's and info.

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