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beef ribs

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I didn't see a sticky on beef ribs. I am smoking a rack of st. louis ribs and picked up some beef ribs to try as well. I've never done beef before. Can someone give me a basic outline for how to smoke these?



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I have never tried beef ribs either but I think you can smoke them the same way as your spares.

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Do a search for Beef Ribs and you'll find plenty. RB is right in that you can do them like 3-2-1 for spares, but personally that is way to much time for me. I never do more than 4 1/2 hours for beefies. Marinate them in Mojo Crillio if you can find it. Avoid the Goya brand though.  I use more of a 2 1/2- 1 1/2- 1/2 when doing mine. I like them like I like my steak. Medium to medium rare.

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thanks for the responses....I wasn't sure how much different the process would be from pork ribs. We'll see how it turns out.

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