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Prime Rib Opinions Please

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I picked up an 8 lb Rib Roast today for 4.99 a lb.  I've done about 5 or 6 on my smoker in the last few years and they have always turned out great.  My question is..... should I season it up tonight, wrap it up and leave it over night in the fridge or wait till the morning?  I use Olive Oil, Thyme, Kosher salt, garlic and cracked pepper.  I also have some of that creole garlic butter injection, anyone ever inject one?  Let me know what ya think.

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YES YES YES . Season it up and wrap in a good wrap of plastic wrap. put it on a pan Then inject thru the wrap. let it set overnight in fridge then unwrap and  hit it w some more seasoning then smoke.

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If it was me, I'd season it tonite and that's all

Prime rib doesn't need alot in my opinion , in this case less is more and it doesn't need a lot

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Awesome guys!  Looks like I'll get her seasoned up tonight!  Thanks for the fast response.  I'm heading to the kitchen to get it started and ponder on injecting it....

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Don't know about where you live but if i get a rib roast for $4.99 lb it's going to be select grade . This grade of meat will benifit from a little extra moisture,

 Now if it's choice  or prime it should have enough marbeling to go w/o injection  if you so desire. Me, I inject everything as it adds another layer of flavor.

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That is a good point eman, It has to be select, not much fat on it at all.  I think I will inject it in the morning while the smoker is heating up.  I got it all wrapped and seasoned up and it is in the fridge.  I will post pics tomorrow night, I snapped some before I did anything to it.  Thanks for the info again.

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I'm in the (less is more) crowd, I like CBP and Kosher salt. And let the Beef flavor rule!

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This is what I am doing.  I have adjusted the putll temp to 135-140F 

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I would definatly would season it tonight and then wrap it up and let it rest into the refrig. I'm not sure about the whole injecting thing cause the meat is very dense and I don't think that it would except the injection that well. Please enjoy your meal and don't forget the Q-view.  

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