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satsuma marmalade

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we have a satsuma tree that we get anywhere from 200-300 satsumas off every year .This year instead of giving them away ,I decided to try my hand at canning.  used a recipe from the www and made the marmalade. Came out great but a lil runny. made a second batch and found the problem. now have 24 pints of marmalade.

Enjoyed that so i picked up a couple a pounds of japs and made pepper jelly using alblanchers recipe. again came out great.

  Remembered i had 24 pints of strawberries in the freezer, so next venture will be into pressure canning .

Can i use my electric pressure cooker for this ???

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Why are you pressure canning strawberries?  Why not make more jam?


If you have an electric pressure cooker that will get to 11lbs? and hold that temp I don't see why you can't use it.  Just never heard of an electric.


Good deal on the Sats.  Did your jalapeno jelly set up?



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set up REAL thick. looked like pesto so i put a lil red food color in it.

What i read was that the strawberries are very low in acid so they need to be pressure canned . Maybe i didn't read far enough?

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You may want to check the recipe on the pectin.  You shouldn't have any trouble making strawberry jam with a boiling water bath.  I do recommend using a liquid pectin like Certo.  I have had trouble getting strawberry jam to set as thick as I would like using powdered pectin.


I seldom if ever use the pressure canner to make jam.  I use it all the time when canning fruit and vegetables.


On second thought a pressure cooker is not necessarily the same as a pressure canner.  Look at the pressures it will hold and in small batches I don't see why it wouldn't work  Make sure your canning jars are not sitting directly on the bottom of the canner/cooker.


The original recipe did call for a bit of green food coloring but I generally don't worry about that.

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i went back and reread and what i was looking at was canning fresh berrys not preserves.

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Sounds good Bob also sounds like you just found another hobby biggrin.gif

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It all sounds really good and yummy too Bob. I hoe that you are going to bring some with you to the Gathering at jerry's.

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Originally Posted by mballi3011 View Post


It all sounds really good and yummy too Bob. I hoe that you are going to bring some with you to the Gathering at jerry's.

since you asked so nicely i'll put up a big jar a marmalade and a jar of pepper jelly . I'll have some strawberry preserves by then too.


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