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meat grinders?

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does anyone still use a hand crank grinder? i have a couple of old hand grinders that i picked up a few years ago , so i know they will be getting some use in the future on some meat


just wondering if anyone uses them or has everyone gone electric

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I would recommand that you go to Northern Tools and get their grinder it's about 129.00 but it is well built and will last you forever. I bought mine at Grander so stay away from there.

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nothing wrong with a hand grinder....... used one for years. i am now spoiled with a 1 hp cabelas #22. will not get rid of the old hand crank # 10 though. great for small batches......

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I am in the exact same position as the poster above, I loved my old #10 but it was finally worn out and I wanted a new toy hence my #22,, Love it..

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