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smoking 11.6lb brisket for thanksgiving

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got a cheapo smoker it stays at about 200degrees. the brisket it self is massive i probably will have to cut it into two on the lower rack and one on the top rack. (i didn't buy it just doing a somebody a favor)... will cutting it into two effect the smoking making one tougher than the other. and how long to smoke at the above temp. i was thinking like 15hrs...any info would be nice (can't change the smoker or the brisket, got to do it no matter what, so please no "get another smoker" aint happening.

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First, welcome to the site.


I think I would have to say that I would try to build some sort of shelter provided you are in a climate where it is less then warm. I would want at least 225.


Cuting the chunk O meat is no big deal at all, just seperate the point and flat.


Sounds like you may not have all the fancy stuff so I would say maintain temps. If you can fit it, then put a pan under the chunk to catch the juice. When you can put a butter knife in the meat with no resistance, kinda like going in the butter, pull it and put it in the pan with foil over it. Let it rest in a cooler till the temps come down to 165 and slice it.

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Now that all sounds good to me but we need Q-view. Now can you swing into Rolol Call and introduce yourself and your equipment and we can give you the big howdy that we like to give new members.

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