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20lb turky breast

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Is this to big to smoke,or what temp to get out of the 4 hr zone.

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20lb breast, i wonder how big the whole bird was?

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Ok now the main thing is the 40* to 140* in 4 hours. Thats a mighty big breast you have there. (another one of those things thatI never thought I would say to a guy) You need to smoke this thing pretty fast start maybe 300* or so and then let it rip till she hits 165* in the thinckest part of the breast meat. So keep this monster smoking and please don't forget the Q-view. I would like to see this thing and place something in the shot so we can image the size of the bird.

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At normal smoking temps i don't think you'll make 140° in 4 hrs.

 But i've never smoked a bird that big.

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You are killing me or will i be killing my familyconfused.gif

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Do you mean a 20# whole bird? If so give a little info as to what smoker you have and we will help you out. Yes, it can be done but you might have to finish it in the oven. Were here for you. icon_cool.gif

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Seriously, how big is the whole bird

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Dude...turkey or OSTRICH!?!?!?!?! j/k I'm actually smoking a 19lb bird. I did a 14 lb'r just recently and it came out great, but as mballi3011 said, I'll start smoking this one at 300 until it hits 140 degrees in 4 hrs, then back it down to 275 and maintain it at that temp until it's done. I wish us both luck! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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Man thats BIG....

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