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Preparing the Turkey

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I'm about to smoke my first Turkey and I have been doing a lot of reading here on the forum and on the main site and I've got a question I'm sure one of you wizards can help with.


I'm going to brine the turkey with a simple water, salt, and sugar solution with just a little of some kind of juice added (haven't decided what yet).  I'm probably going to use mesquite or pecan to smoke.  After brining and rinsing, I'm going to apply some rub I have.  This is where my question comes in.


Should I apply some butter to the turkey before I apply the rub or do I need both?  Is only one of those enough, or not?



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I just did a turkey over the weekend and used spray on butter on the outside and then applied the rub.  I also apply the rub under the skin and it tastes great.  By the way, I have become a fan of spatchcocking the turkey first.  Cooked a 17 pound bird in a little less than 4 hours.  Great skin color and the bird is moist.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I just hadn't read about this particular case in all my readings.


I had to look up spatchcocking.  It looks interesting and I'll probably give it a shot sometime but I have a small smoker right now and I don't think I would have the room for the bird doing that.  I've got plans to get a bigger smoker, though, so I'll definitely give it a shot when I have the room.


Thanks again.

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I did 9 birds over the weekend and I put olive oil on the outside of mine instead of butter. Both work great. Spray on butter is great. You can add butter or not its all up to you .You can also spray it on throughout your smoke as well.

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I usually use softened butter mixed w/ my rub and some herb.

 Rub under the skin on top the skin and in the cavity.

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Great, I just wasn't sure if the butter would cause any problems with the rub.

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I'm with bob (eman) with this one again. I would try to work the butter and spices under the skin and then let her rip and spitzing with a butter garlic mixtue shoulkd make you golden. Q-view please don't forget it.

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Sorry for the late reply but with five people in the house we have had someone (or oneS) sick ever since the day before Thanksgiving and I haven't even been back on the forum.


I wanted to follow-up and tell everyone thanks for the help.  My bird was going along great until I realized that the temp (in the bird) just wasn't going up properly.  So, as I was checking everything, I realized I had mixed up the cable and the controller from two different thermometers and that threw the readings completely off.  Instead of a find bird, I almost ended up with charcoal.  

I was able to save a small bite or two and it was tasty so I must have been doing it right. 


It looks like everyone is gettting healthy again so I'm gonna give it another try real soon.


Thanks again!

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