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Big Score I Think!

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New in the box VacUPack Foodsaver!  Best as I can figure this unit retails for 280.00.  I found this in an estate sale on Ebay.

I gave 67.73 which included shipping!  This thing must have been a gift because it was in the estate unopened!  I have already sold my Foodsaver V3420 pending reciept and function of this VacUpack style. 



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Hey Rick how about you go find another one of those and I'll give you 75.00 for that one. Deal. man I think it is a good deal how about you??.

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Shoot yeah, looks like a great score from here!  

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congrats rick, if it works out it will be a great score!!!

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Great score my friend - looks like Christmas came early

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Congrats Rick looks like an awesome score!!!!

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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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