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Turkey Breast trial run for Turkey Day

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I did a trial run on a Turkey Breast here it is a rubbed and ready to go in the smoker.






Then into the smoker Used Mesquite and Pecan Wood

Smoked for 5 hrs at around 240 degrees. Covered the breast at around two hours with loose tin foil to avoid it getting to black.

(I am introducing smoked turkey to the family for the first time and want it to look as appealing as possible.





Here is the finished test. I wrapped it in tin foil for an hour then into the fridge.

I will slice it tonight and warm it in a pan with a little chicken stock.

I will post pics when I am finished.




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Now I like your turkey breast. It looks good and I really like them too. I did one for the wife before I went out of town.

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Good on ya, Dean - looks fantastic from here.  It's been my experience that some folks are finicky as hell when it comes to smoked poultry.  If the fam has problems with it in the "too strong" category, you should A.) send that one to me... and B.) cut back on the mesquite on the next one.  For some reason, birds really soak the smoke.


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Do you remember how many pounds that was? I've got a 6lb half breast on the bone that I'm going to smoke and I'm trying to get an idea of how long it's going to take. I've done them before but I don't remember how long it took because it wasn't all that time sensitive. This will be a little different with the rest of the meal having to come together. 


That looks really good and I bet everyone loves it. I used just a little pecan and it tasted fantastic the first time I did it. 


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