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Thanksgiving Ideas

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Ok, I am smoking another turkey for Thanksgiving and want to do a fattie to accompany the bird in the smoker.  What are some suggestions to go with for a Thanksgiving style? 

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Now I just did one that was everything that you put into chicken soup and that might work. Then you might be able to do one with some stuffing that might go good with your meal. The fattie filling is unlimited the fattie is a mear vessel to hold it in.

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that sounds like a good idea.  I have been toying with the thought of stuffing, cranberry relish, and left over turkey for an weekend idea.  But haven't come up with a concotion for actual Thanksgiving day yet.  Still thinking.  Any more ideas.

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Do a mashed potatoes and gravy fatty they rock.

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 A pumpkin pie fattie? icon_eek.gif

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Both of those sound pretty good.  The pie fattie would be interesting with the difference of flavors.  The creative juices are starting to get going now.

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I did one last year with stuffing, green bean casserole, and real cranberry sauce (not the canned crap). It was awesome. Sort of like when the Thanksgiving flavors combine when you clean up your plate.

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i know this is late to the game but what about using ground turkey instead of sausage for the outside of the fatty?

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Try it with the 85/15 fat content and it should be ok. The leaner mixes of ground turkey tend to be too lean and dryish.

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