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Augumented...well you know

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I cooked 3 bone in breast for my wife this evening.  I brined them with but didn't have the cajun seasoning so I used Emirils Essence Chicken Rub in it's place.  I only brined them for an hour and then I injected them with Tip's injection as well.  EVOO on all three and rubbed one with (dry) Italian Dressing seasoning, another with the apple rub, and the third had no rub.  For some reason I went light on all the rubs today.  Gotta say they were plump when they came out of the brine but with the injection they looked ready to burst!


I ran the cooker at 274.



Left to right:  Italian, Apple, and naked.



Coming along



The more we cut into them the juicier it got!  The plate was covered in liquid when she got done.



Thanks for looking,

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YUM! your wife's a lucky gal!

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I guess I should say that she didn't eat them all tonight!  I generally cook her some on the weekend and she uses them through the week.

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Nice Job PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Good job. Smoked chicken is amazing when used in popular chicken dishes. I just used some leftovers for chicken alfredo last week and I don't think I could eat it any other way now!

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