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First Chicken

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I know everyone is doing Turkey's this time of year and actally I have one in the freezer for the weekend after T-day. However tonight I wanted to try a yard bird. It really was a last minute thing, so I covered her in EVOO and coated it down with a basic rub and a little lemon peper. I've done many beer can birds on the gas grill but never before in a smoker. If you don't brine the bird beer can is the way to go, and using smoke instead of just heat... Well it was fantastic. I smoked it burning only wood, using mostly walnut with a little cherry thrown in, kept the temp around 275 to 300 till I got a good 170 in the thigh area, then double wrapped in foil and put in a cooler with some blankets for about 45 minutes while we got everything else set up. Sorry I didn't get a shot of it cut up and served, once we started cutting into this bird we couldn't hold off for a picture.

Thanks for looking.



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Definitely looks like a perty darn good yardbird from here!  Great coloring.  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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That bird was livin the High Life! Looks great man.

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