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First Turkey w/Qview

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Bought a fresh 20# turkey and brined it for 2.5 days with the Slaughterhouse Method with the addition of 4 oranges and a whole large yellow onion.

Drained, dried and coated with olive oil, then stuffed pats of butter under the skin and rubbed generously coated with the family run mix.  Into the smoker


The weather is less than cooperative today.  expecting snow showers at the beach tonight.  Fun!




Right now it is just lots of rain and cold.


IMG_20101121_133830.jpgMore to come as the day fights on.





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I would suggest that you get that bird out of the brine. It might be too late for it is probably all mushy. I wouldn't recommand brine a turkey more then 12 hours.

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Have to agree w/ mark .12 -16 hrs max. on the brine. A cure can go longer but that's a long time to brine anything.

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Where'd the Qview go?

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Arnie-Not sure where the Qviews went.  


Mark- flesh still seemed firm, skin was still intact.  Pulled it up to rub and put butter pats under it.  It is almost to temp now.  We are 4 hours I am above 140 but not quite where I want it.


here it is at the last check point.




thanks for keeping me honest.



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FYI- I should check out the workings of the site once in a while.  Hadn't paid much attention since the updated site.   Pilot error.




I also think one of my thermometers is failing.  I just went out to check the bird and it was jumping from 89 to 210 while stationary in the bird. The other one is stable and the bird is ready to come out very soon.  


Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be human!


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That looks great, what wood did you use? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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That big bird is looking good!  When you carved it how was the meat texture after brining for that long?  

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Sorry, I didn't get any photos of the carving.  


The texture of the meat seemed good.  It didn't seem to have as much smoke flavor as I wanted.  


What I've learned from this smoke...


more flavor in the brine

less time in the brine

and not smoke during a winter storm warning....


live and learn.


The wood was maple and alder with hickory lump base.  Tried to keep it at 275* ( very hard today) and then up to 350* to crisp the skin.  

Temped out fine everywhere I checked but the thighs were still bloody.  They ended up in the oven to finish.



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There’s the Qview! Looks good from my porch!

I’ve been reading on it for about 2 weeks so I know the brine length is controversial.

Now I’ve got to see what’s right.

I’m gonna try 3 turkeys, 3 brines, 3 lengths. 48 hr 24 hr & 12 hr.

The recipes I am trying have all been tried and sworn by.

Time for me to see for myself

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Arnie let us all know how that turns out

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Will do, and the Qview will prove it happened

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