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First "Chuckie"

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Going to try my luck at Thnksgiving Turkey on the smoker, so thought I'd get in a little practice today, since the wife had picked up a 2 for 1 a while back, and there was a 3 1/2# chuck in the refer.  I'm a newbie, so I learn a lot with each trial.  I learned today that the Brinkman side firebox is a charcoal hog, now I know why you guys smoke so much at once.  Went thru a whole bag of lumpcharcoal, along with the oak hunks I used for smoke. I put it on at 8:30 this AM, and started with two chimneys of coals.  Held temps great for 1 1/2 hrs, then I fed it charcoal all day long.  I think maybe it's better to start each batch of charcoal in the chimney prior to adding it.  I'm sure someone has some advice on this.  Seems like you get more bang for your buck this way.  It was 2:00 by the time int temp reached 145. Pulled the chuck and foiled it and returned.  Kicked up the heat, and by 2:45. had it up to 206 and removed wrapped in a towel and place in cooler.  Let it rest just over an hour and enjoyed it for dinner.  THIS WAS THE BEST BEEF I'VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH!!  I couldn't believe the smoke ring and the flavor.  Thought about Qview, but I screwed up the last memory stick, and the new one I ordered hasn't arrived yet.  Gonna put the turkeys in brine in the morning.  If they turn out half as good as the chuckie, this will be a memorable Thanksgiving.  Thanks all of you for all of your help.

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Well now you are experiancing the pleasures of smoking meat. You will have to learn better charcoal uses and you will get the hang of it soon enough.

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Got to love them chuckies!   They are tasty.  You will love the Turkey as well.  Just keep track of them temps!


If you have'nt already, make yourself a charcoal basket.  You can do a minion method with it, and get longer burn times between adding coal.  Try different coal types as well.  Personally I prefer a natural hardwood briquette over lump due to more consistnency in temps and burn times.  Natures Grilling or Royal oak chef select are my prefered fule sources. 


Look forward to your report on the Turkey's.

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Congrats on your great smoke!  Chuckies are one of my favorite cuts. I did a couple a while back just to pull and freeze 'em.  Using some tonight for a french onion soup/stew, used another earlier this week for pasta sauce.  Love those 2 for 1 sales! 

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Definitely gotta love a chuckie. Glad to hear your's turned out great!  My son and I just sat and ate a 3 pounder recently, no sides, just some heavenly smoked flavored chuckie.  The wife wasn't real happy when she discovered we had eaten the entire thing!   icon_mrgreen.gif


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Sounds good, here's something that should help you on the coal burning. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I normally use good old Kingsford Blue.

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