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Dinner at noon.

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Turkey was brined in a  home made maple syrup brine. I put it on at 5:15  using a cajun electric. I put some cherry wood in there and went to the deer blind. Called the wife at 8 am for to check to make sure I was doing ok on my way to 140°. She said "It is reading 164°"  I said "oh my!"

 Needless to say dinner is ready.I came home and double checked the other breast,it was reading the same. Leg was even higher. Mercy I never ever dreamed it would have cooked so fast. I started out the first hour at 275° then dropped it to 250°. I shut the smoker off and am letting the bird rest a bit. I will soon foil it and set it in a cooler in towels.. It should be perfect at noon. I might toss it under the broiler for 5 minutes to crispen up the skin.

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Now you have been a little while so you know the rule. No Q-view it didn't happen. JK You get one chance cause it all sounds really good but we like to see the bird. That way we don't look so bad stairing at the computer drooling alot. If theres pictures then we can say that we are just looking at the food.

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Hope it all turns out great. Yea lets see some Qview. 

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I always hate leaving the woods early, but in this case, this may be the only acceptable reason!  Lookin forward to the qview

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