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Weekend Prime Rib with Q-View

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 Welll...choice maybe, but VERY yummy!!! Did a minimal seasoning of garlic salt and coarse pepper. I smoked it over pecan at 240F to an internal temp of 138F. I then wrapped it in foil to rest for 10 minutes or so, then served. Almost seven pounds of wonderful meat was gone in about 15 minutes!!


Prime rib ready for smoker 11-20-2010.jpg


Prime rib out of smoker 11-20-2010.jpg


sliced prime rib 11-20-2010.jpg


On the plate 11-20-2010.jpg


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Dang sure looks like prime rib to me! very nice.

 I'm sure everyone was happy and full

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That looks awesome very nice PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Man that looks soo good. I need to make a prime rib. 

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Yum Yum!  I will be there next week myself I hope.

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Dang it man, your killing me. I like mine like that too. I have never smoked one yet, but am willing to try! 

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You sure do know where heaven on a plate is. Your house tonight.

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WOW! that looks perfect!!  

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Oh Yeah!

That's the way to do it!


I don't think a "Prime" could melt in your mouth any better than a nice smoked "Choice" Standing Rib.




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I tried to reply earlier to your wounderful looking prime rib, but I had to clean the drool off my keyboard before I really made a mess. Nice with the mild seasoning & looks done to perfection.

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Looks great. Now Im hungry

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That looks to be perfectly cooked to my taste! points.gif

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Looks good!

About how long was that in the smoker?



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In for about four hours .

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This is what inspired me to smoke one today!

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