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My First Big Smoke

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So I have done my first big smoke.  Below are pictures:




Picture of the quarters with the rub...



Grill Working.jpg


Picture of the grill in action.





Picture of the final product.  Took picture after everything was consumed lol.



Used apple chips and cooked around 250 for about 4 hours.  Seemed to be a success for my first cook, everyone loved them.


Question though, on one/two of the quarters the skin got really tough like leather like.  Any idea?






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Now that some fine looking birds you have there. As you now know that chicken is really good on the smoker too. Right???

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Oh yeah, I don't think I could ever cook chicken different again.  Anyone got any ideas for the rubbery/leather skin on one/two of the chickens, on why that might happen?

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Unless you are smoking upwards of 300° the skin can be rubbery. Best thing most have found is to throw it on a hot grill to crisp up the skin or as i do is under a hot broiler to crisp it up.

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