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1st smoke complete have question

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 I smoked a pork line(wrapped in bacon, 1st time ever smoking anything) in my new ECB w/ all the mods done. Got it to temp with in 15min and she cooked steady at 240.question is at 2.5 hrs the meat was at 250 degrees( read w/ 2 different digitals) does that sound right? Every thing i have read says it takes 3 1/2 to 4 hrs.It was not a very big loin. Also wife thought i should put it in oven for a little bit< is that necessary? Thanks

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If the meat is @ 250 and the thermos are accurate it is way done.   Pork loin can be eaten @ 170ish.  Again you need to check your temps.  What did you use to check smoker temps?  Always go with temp not time.

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I will second that, always go with temp.  I always use two thermos to check my final temp and i usually have a third on standby if I question the first two.

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I hope you did not pay top price for your roast. @ 250 degrees it would be like eating a shoe

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That makes three of us. How many pounds was the pork loin? I think you might need to check that smoker gauage?

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How many lbs was the loin? How were you taking the meat temp?

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oops, was not 250 it was at 150.I used 2 didifferent digital themos. ok so its temp not time,that helps.I have been reading hundreds of pages on here to learn and would read of 12-18 hr cooks and just did not think it could have been done in 2.5 hrs. it tasted awesome and got compliments from everyone who tasted it. all in all i call this a successful 1st smoke thanks to this site. I am already hooked on smoking and have just finished my build of a UDS.cant wait to fire it up tomorrow.Thanks



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not sure of the weight, i would guess 4-5 lbs

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at 250° no way that would be 2.5 hrs.

 Sounds like your temps are higher than you think.

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I have to agree with Bob and Jerry on this one.

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Sounds like your therm was on the metric system to me. 250* and that would be boot leather.  Keep on truckin! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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